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WP RSS Aggregator Plugin Review 2019 – Feed to Posts, Keyword Filtering Extensions

This is the review of the WP RSS Aggregator plugin more the Feed to Posts and Keyword Filtering extensions.

I had played with the plugin in the past and now, I’ve the chance to try some of the add-ons too.

  • Review: WP RSS Aggregator
  • Plugin by: Jean Galea
  • Use: Import & display RSS Feeds
  • Latest Update: Jan 21, 2019
Review WP RSS Aggregator plugin


Set a page-news / complete blog-news with the feeds you want

Value for Money

Free & Add-on Premiums

Ease of Use

There’s a small learning curve to set it up


They solved quickly a glitch I had with it


Full documentation with videos


Great plugin & add-ons

The Good

  • A lot of options to control all your feeds
  • If you want a minimalist page-news is enough with the core plugin

The Bad

  • Your host might be affected if you import a lot of feeds
  • Takes a little time to set it up, but after ending runs almost automatically

Summary: WP RSS Aggregator is best plugin for importing, merging & displaying RSS & Atom feeds on your WordPress site. It’s a full and stylish RSS feed solution for WordPress.
With the free core version of the plugin, you can aggregate as many RSS feeds you desire and display them with shortcodes.

Free & Add-ons from $19

You know to curate content and content aggregation (both well done) is all the rage, and RSS aggregators do this job. Also, there are tools like that does a great job but it isn’t – in – your WordPress site. You don’t have control of these web tools.

A vivid example of content aggregation based, is AllTop, a news aggregator where you can find almost every topic touched there.

Why not to do a super-specific similar site, but focused for your local community or a laser-targeted product or about your brand and directly on WP?

You don’t want to compete with giants like AllTop, but if you do it in particular topics, is possible. 

​Moreover, the only the difference is that you can push excerpts and outbound links to the sources as posts, not only feeds.

About the plugin, the same is developed by Jean Galea & the team of WP Mayor
They added also new extensions to improve the functionality of the core plugin.

The WP RSS Aggregator core plugin is free and is available in the WordPress repository.

WP RSS Aggregator Review

I’m a big fan of RSS feeds, I’ve tons of them in my RSS reader. I used Google reader now extinct and now I’m using Feedly.

I know also, that a lot of people use RSS feeds, hence the idea with WP RSS Aggregator is the same, instead of having a myriad of feeds in a RSS reader, show them to your readers more snippets one per post/page and filter by keywords /keyphrases.

Have in mind that nowadays, autoblogs completely automated, Google devaluated them after all the zoo updates.
Don’t worry to use in that way the plugin, because you’ll not receive any traffic – Google will ignore the autoblog totally, is useless 😉

Once the plugin has imported the feeds, I suggest having them as drafts, hence to edit, remove unnecessary things and add your personal touch to them.
Doing in a correct way, while you add your ideas, we can speak about content curation 🙂

Let’s move to the nitty-gritty of the plugin and extensions.

WP RSS Aggregator Plugin – Core

WP RSS Aggregator plugin settings

This plugin works like says; you add your feed sources and using shortcodes you can display, as news in your niche.

For example, I added some blogs WordPress related, I used the shortcode in a page called news and voila: you’ve news appearing according to your settings.

The only point here is that it might look bland, and you’d need the Excerpts & Thumbnails add-on to make it more attractive.

You’ve full documentation, more videos explaining the full working of the WP RSS Aggregator Plugin. See the videos available at the bottom of the post.

WP RSS Aggregator Plugin Features

  • Set a name for each feed source
  • Import any number of feeds from multiple RSS feeds
  • Display feeds using shortcodes
  • Limit the feed-age stored in the database
  • Set the number of feed items per feed source that you want to show & store
  • Set a pagination for the displayed feed items
  • Set a general feed import time period
  • Schedule feed imports for each individual feed-source
  • Option to show/hide feed sources & dates, plus to set the date format
  • Option to set the links as no-follow, or add no-follow to the meta tag
  • And more...

Plugin Performance

Can you use a big quantity of feeds with the plugin? Theoretically is a yes, the problem could be how your server manages them, and the impact they can have on it. Remember with shorter feed processing intervals, more will suffer your server to be checking more often the feed updates.

I’ve tested the plugin using the P3 – Plugin Profiler and here is the result of the performance of the plugin and add-ons.


I used 14 feeds, with an interval of 2 hours (a reasonable frequency). Also, I used Headway and Genesis as themes for this review.

As you see, the WP RSS Aggregator plugin took 15% and the Feed to Posts a 6%.

So you must have in account these values, because more frequent feed processing intervals like 30 or 15 mins perhaps might affect your loading time, depending on other factors.

Add-ons (Premium)

Let’s see a quick recap of these Add-ons:

WPRSS Aggregator

Add-ons Description

Feed to Post

Import RSS feeds directly into WordPress posts or to any other custom post-type.

Keyword Filtering

Select only the imported feed items you're interested in, by filtering on keywords, key-phrases or tags.

Excerpts & Thumbnails

Displays an excerpt & thumbnail image (taken from within the RSS feed) together with the title, date & source of each feed item.


Display feed items from an exact category within your site, using the shortcode parameters.

Full Text RSS Feeds

Have the possibility to import the full-post-content for an unlimited number of feed items per feed source, even when the feed itself doesn’t provide it. (Requires the Feed to Post extension)


Convert a RSS feed and turn it into new content totally unique & readable. (Requires Feed to Post and a WordAi account)


Level up the Feed to Post extension with the aid of the SpinnerChief article spinner, so the imported content is both utterly unique and readable.


Adds a widget to your website to display the imported feed items. It can also display excerpts & thumbnail images when is used in combination with the Excerpts & Thumbnails add-on.

Prices depend of the extension-type and the number of sites:

  • Single Site from $19 to $79 (updates & support for a year)
  • Up to Five Sites from $39 to $139 (updates & support for a year)
  • Up to Twenty Sites from $139 to $259 (updates & support for a year)

Remember to enter the license to start working:

Licences - WP RSS Aggregator

Feed to Post Extension

This add-on allows you to publish your import feeds into posts / pages / custom post types.

The installing is like any other plugin: Plugin -> Add New -> Upload -> Install Now -> Activate.

You’ll have this Feed to Post screenshot (may be is somewhat different depending of the version you’ve installed)

WP RSS Aggregator Plugin - Feed to Posts

Some points to highlight:

  • The drafts are set by default and I suggest sticking with it, because the idea is to add value with each post – no just repost cloned excerpts – add your thoughts 😉
  • There are several automatic settings that I’d remain like are, like auto setting for authors, taxonomies and terms.
  • Tick link-back to the source, although isn’t set by default, you’d link to the original feed, always!
  • Set links as no-follow, as you’re adding excerpts and links to them, is important to not dilute your page rank and to make Google happy.
  • Content word limit – control with a fixed quantity of words and stick with them, some feeds has few words and others the full content, so have some coherence.
  • Save images locally – a must – to not depend on the external sources and have them, in your own WordPress media.

E.g. of some feeds imported and pending to be checked in draft, at my WP dashboard:

Feed to Posts Draft

Here is the result of a feed imported, and posted with the link-back to the source:

RSS Feed to Posts

Keyword Filtering Extension

WPRSSAggregator Keyword Filtering

The Keyword Filtering extension for me is essential to have narrow-focused posts, so you can filter your feeds depending on your goals.

For the sake of this review, I filtered my feeds for the keyword “plugin” and it worked like a charm.

Note: If you’ve installed the WP RSS Aggregator Core and set a page with news, remember that once you install Feed to Post Extension, the news-page will stop showing, because you replaced it by the posts, not just a single news-page with the links to feeds.

WP RSS Aggregator Videos

Core Plugin

Categories Add-on

Keyword Filtering Add-on

Excerpts & Thumbnails Add-on

Feed to Post Add-on

Full Text RSS Feeds Add-on

SpinnerChief & WordAi Add-ons

Widget Add-On


Overall, the core plugin accomplishes what it promises and more. The combo Feed to Posts + Keyword Filtering is vital to have a specifics lasered posts, and you might need both installed.

The WP RSS Aggregator plugin worked almost perfectly, and if you need only outbound links without filtering – is mission accomplished – is for you. You don’t need more.

But, if you wish to do content curation for particular keywords, you’ll need the 2 extensions that aren’t free.

What do you think about this plugin? Have you tried the core and/or the add-ons?

WPRSSAggregator WordPress Plugin

WP RSS Aggregator core plugin, Feed to Posts & Keyword Filtering extensions overview. Import feeds into posts, customize them, filter by keywords and display them using shortcodes into posts/pages or custom post types.

Free &  Premium





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joseph says

I think there’s something you’re not telling your readers. Your readers should know that whenever they purchase the FEED TO POST add on for $80 they will, later on, be forced to purchase the FULL-TEXT RSS add on, for $80. so that’s $160.Cos the FEED TO POST add on only allow you to import excerpts, not full content. so that’s where the extra $80 comes in. I see that as a scam.

    Gera says

    Thanks for your feedback Joseph. Have you tried contacting to support about this situation?

Mark Zahra says

Hi Joseph, thank you for your feedback.

I’d just like to clarify that many feeds provide all the content you would need/ It is beyond anyone’s control what amount of content is provided in a source’s RSS feed.

If the feed you choose has less content than you need, we provide a powerful full text service in addition to Feed to Post to fetch the original content from the source.

Damian Ross says

The plug in worked O.K. but then it CRASHED MY SITE when we uninstalled it.

Use at your own risk

    Gera says

    Thanks Damian for your input.

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