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RexTheme WPVR Coupon Discount Code 2019 – Get 10% Off

WordPress VR plugin

WPVR is an exclusive WordPress VR plugin, developed by RexTheme, with which you can create amazing virtual tours.

Simply provide proper 360 degree panoramic images to the plugin, and it will turn it into a realistic tour.

You will be able to create different scenes to move from one spot to another, add hotspots to provide information about the place, and embed images or videos to be viewed on clicking the hotspots.

It's an ideal plugin for realtors, hotels, museums, colleges, etc. to showcase their locations in a way as if a person was visiting in real life.

And guess what, just for WPulsar users, you can avail a 10% discount to get this premium plugin for the next 1 month.

Features of WPVR:

The main use of the plugin is to create a virtual tour where visitors can move about the place, zoom in and out, and get details about the place as if it's a realistic tour.

Here the features you can benefit from:

  • Add unlimited scenes
    Let's say you have 4 rooms in your house. Then you can take 360 panorama's of all 4 rooms and upload them in the plugin. The plugin will turn them into a virtual tour. You can link between rooms so that visitors can click and move from room to room.
  • Add unlimited hotspots
    You can add as many hotspots as needed. Let's say you have a museum. Then you can add hotspots on each items available. You can also choose to use hover to get information, or click to give information. Let's say you have a painting. You can set it up so that, when visitor hovers mouse on it, it will give the name of the painting, and clicking on it will give a little history about the painting.
  • Built In hotspot icons
    You can choose from 100s of font-awesome icons to use in place of the hotspots and you can change the color of hotspots. You can also customize icons by adding custom class to hotspots on your own.
  • Lots of customization options
    You can enable auto rotation features to set timer to auto rotate after visitor inactivity, add compass, set default scene start face and specific zoom in and out limitations.
  • Use 360 Degree Video
    You can also use this plugin to embed 360 Degree Videos rather than a virtual tour.
  • Easy to embed
    Generates shortcode to embed on sites using Classic Editors. Adds a WPVR block to add tours on sites using Gutenberg Block Editors.
  • Expert and reliable support team
    Get dedicated support for any issues you face regarding the plugin until a solution is met. Please get quick response whenever you make an inquiry.

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