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RexTheme WooCommerce Product Feed Manager Promo Code 2019 – Get 20% Off

WooCommerce Product Feed Manager

​WooCommerce Product Feed Manager is an exclusive WordPress plugin, developed by RexTheme, with which you can easily generate product feed of your WooCommerce store, to be able to upload on other Merchant Shops to maximize your sales.

The plugin has built in feed formats for 14 major merchant shops including Google Merchant Shop, Facebook Dynamics, Amazon, Ebay, etc.

Plus, you can also auto-sync your WooCommerce store with Google Merchant Shop. Which means, for Google Merchant Shop, you do not need to update product feed manually. All changes you make on your WooCommerce store, the product feed will be automatically updated and sent to your Google Merchant Shop according to your scheduled time.

And guess what, just for WPulsar users, you can avail a 20% discount to get this premium plugin.

Features you get with WooCommerce Product Feed Manager:

  • Download unlimited product feed
    In most plugins, they have a limitations for number of products to be included per feed. More often they generate multiple feeds which you need to download and upload one by one on other merchant shops. This plugin has the ability to create one single feed with all of your products.
  • Category Mapping
    Some merchant shops such as Google Merchant Shop or Facebook Dynamics have their own feed category list. This plugin will let you map your product categories to match the feed list of those merchant shops.
  • Exclusive Filter Options
    Get custom filter options to choose the products that you can include on your feed. Get category filter or tag filter options to filter products according to category or tag, to be included on your feed.
  • WPML support
    The plugin is fully compatible with WPML. If you have products saved with different languages using WPML, you can generate feed in those languages. 
  • 5 Sites License Available
    You can avail license for a single site or for upto 5 sites at a time. Hence, if you have multiple WooCommerce store, you can use one single plugin to help you out.

WooCommerce Product Feed Manager Promo Coupon Code 2019 by RexTheme

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WooCommerce Product Feed Manager
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