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Pinpoint Booking System

If you have a bookable product or service - as in the case of the accommodation, museums or restaurants, a booking calendar is the first thing that comes to mind.

This is exactly what the Pinpoint Booking System WordPress Booking can offer. With Pinpoint, you can transform both yours and your clients’ booking experience, by making it as easy as possible.

Pinpoint’s booking calendars are highly customizable, adapting to your needs perfectly. It comes with a responsive interface, so it adjusts to any device your client might use. Even more, this booking calendar is AJAX powered, meaning that it will automatically update without the need to refresh the page.

It doesn’t matter what kind of reservations your customers need to make - Pinpoint has them covered. You can either book by days, nights or even hour intervals precisely set by the minute.

This booking calendar can be extended with many extra features, like coupons, vouchers, extra taxes or extra amenities that can be added to the bookings. You can also attach custom-made forms to your calendars in case you need more information from your clients.

Pinpoint Booking System comes with lots of features to make both yours and your client’s experience as good as possible, such as:

  • WooCommerce Extension - with this extension, you can use all of the payment gateways, extra features and the shopping cart that come with the WooCommerce Plugin.
  • Multilingual Support - Pinpoint offers the option to have your booking calendar translated in a couple of languages, but if your preferred language isn’t supported, you can easily change the translation with an easy “to-do” translation tool in the back-end.
  • Multicurrency Support - You can use any currency with Pinpoint, but if you want to, you can even create your own custom currency.
  • Booking Rules - you can add rules to your booking, so your clients can make a reservation within a certain range of days, nights or hours.
  • Notification - you can send notifications, either to you or your clients, through both email and SMS. Custom templates can be made for all notifications, in any language.
  • Payment Systems - Pinpoint uses PayPal as a default, but if you need to, you can select other payment gateways from the available options.
  • Search Availability - you can search the product’s availability for hours or days, through all your booking calendars. Also, you can filter your results by location or price.
  • Synchronization with Other Systems - all Pinpoint cooking calendars can be synchronized with other systems, like Google Calendar, Airbnb or iCal.

Pinpoint Booking System Promo Coupon Code 2019 -30% Off

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