Ninja Affiliate Plugin Review

Update: The company behind this plugin has closed.
A good alternative plugin is ThirstyAffiliates which has a free version with premium add-ons.

Converting keywords into outgoing links in older posts, even in new posts, can be a nightmare if you need to do it by hand all the time. It happened to me, and I don’t want to try it again. With Ninja Affiliate plugin by Maxblogpress those tasks are easier and faster.

I had more than 100 posts on another blog, and really once an affiliate link changed, to edit one by one to replace for the new link was painful (at that moment, I wasn’t on WordPress)

As time went by, I learnt that you can automate pretty much this task on WP.

Maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate is a WordPress plugin that makes things simpler, so here is my personal review about using it and trying all the features it has.

Which is the benefit behind Maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate? You save time making those links!
The most elusive thing that once it’s gone and it doesn’t return is time, plus all the effort you need on the edition and the update of the post by hand.

Once you try software that is a big time saver, you never will look back 🙂

Ninja Affiliate is ideal to have, manage and edit all your affiliate links in one place.
At this moment, on this blog I’m using it and it’s working like a charm.


How Ninja Affiliate Plugin Works?

The concept is straightforward: choose a keyword and the plugin links to it; managing the quantity of links inserted and other parameters, in the Ninja Affiliate options.

Frankly, you’ll need a learning curve of some time to explore all the possibilities, but once the plugin is set, it runs in autopilot.

Take a look:


Add New Link - Ninja Affiliate Plugin


The plugin allows you to put an individual affiliate link but related to several keywords, separated by a comma.
Why do I remark the importance of several keywords?

Because I tried other plugins with the same concept and you can link only 1 keyword to 1 link, period.
Linking to several keywords, at the same time, and selecting them randomly is excellent (yes the plugin has the intelligence to make the selection with randomness)

If you’ve a blog about cooking tips and you’ve talked about a “pasta recipe” thus, you can link this keyphrase to a related food affiliate program.
Later in posterior posts, you post about “macaroni and cheese” then the plugin can link, also, to the same affiliate program. Both keyphrases will be linked by the plugin.

Expanding the quantity of affiliate links in all your blog can make a huge impact on your overall income.
Is this warranted? You know the honest answer, the plugin can make an outstanding work, but all depends on the sale page of the vendor, if converts well or not 😉


Here are some additional great benefits of this plugin:


MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Features


Create Sub-Campaigns: Really I love this function! Before I try Ninja Affiliate plugin, if I wanted to track the same link – but in different places- I needed to do different names per place, a tedious and hard work to do because, how many names you can put for a single short link? Having lots of them, it can be a mess.

It doesn’t happen with Ninja Affiliate plugin, since sub-campaigns separate from the rest of the plugins.

Once you set up your affiliate link for a keyword, you can make a sub campaign using the identical link, but you only need to add a dash, that’s it! Example: yoursite/keyword it converts in yoursite/keyword-social for social or yoursite/keyword-news for newsletter.

Which is the point of subcampaigns? When you put the affiliate link on different places like guest posts, on social sites, commenting on other blogs, you can track individually the same link and spot the return on traffic, subscribers, etc. great, right?

You’ll monitor:

  • Unique clicks link received
  • Reference of where these clicks are coming from
  • Raw clicks per each link

Integration while you write the post
: insert affiliate links directly into a post while you’re writing it, one click and done.


Ninja Links Write Post


Convert Keywords in Comments into links: Ninja Affiliate plugin scans comments searching for keywords to link; it’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Additionally, the latest version of the plugin now allows controlling the Ninja Links comments-setting, individually and independently, of the posts.

You’ve different Ninja Link settings and the idea is remarkable, because in older versions you managed posts, but the comments were out of control putting links without any curb.
I recommend to put a limit of 2, 3, 4 – is up to you – avoiding to be spammy (for Google and humans too) deleting the -1, unlimited.


Shorten in unique Affiliate links: E.g. an can be converted to – much better for a click!

Furthermore, the latest plugin version added the capacity of setting an expiration date on your destination links. Automatically the link will expire after determined days, perfect for limited time offers! Even you can redirect to a new URL after the link was disabled.


Ninja Affiliate Links Plugin


Create Groups: for an easier managing. Try to have tens/hundreds of links all mixed, and you’ll understand the problem to find a specific one. I passed searching for several minutes with other plugins, but groups come to the rescue, with a better order.

Cloak your links: to prevent affiliate theft, cloak your affiliate links. Moreover, use your own domain and you’re branding yourself, like this link:

Nofollow links: You know that making outgoing links share SEO juice, which can affect eventually your rankings.
I believe, that do-follow links pointing out to great sources are right, but speaking about affiliate links, it has no sense because you only want human clicks, thus make them nofollow, by default.

Generate Stats: get a full landscape how the links are performing with unique clicks, raw clicks and referrers.


Backup & Restore Ninja Affiliate Plugin


  • Back up and Restore of all of the affiliate links.
  • Custom Link Formatting: Change fonts colors / family / style.
  • Exclude pages.

And lots of more stuff….I don’t want to bother you with ALL the features that can do. The better way is to try it.

I don’t like to review products without trying it. The results can be positive or not, and my opinion will be reflected in the posts and stars I give.

The Maxblogpress team offered me a copy to experiment the plugin before reviewing. I was testing it for some time to know it deeply.
Now I’m using on this blog, right now, because effectively I think Ninja Affiliate plugin is an essential tool for affiliate marketers/bloggers.


Ninja Affiliate Plugin Performance

In order the plugin can convert keywords in links, needs to calculate. If this fact isn’t taken into account in the coding, it might affect the load of your blog. For that reason, the plugin has a cache for an improved and fast performance.

You can control it in “Expire cache after – hours“, and by default are 24 hours until it’ll re-cache the site again. Unless you publish everyday and receive often heap of comments, a value of 48 hours or more should be fine. I’m starting with 48 hours, and maybe I’ll try 72 hours to see the performance.

I used P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) plugin by GoDaddy, to check the plugin performance in the loading time of the blog.
To avoid the incidence of another cache, I made the test without W3 Total Cache. Later, I made another test but with the W3TC activated.
In all the cases, I checked the plugin performance with 5 test posts and test comments.

Here are the results:

Without W3 Total Cache


Ninja Affiliate Plugin Performance without W3TC


Ninja Affiliate Plugin Impact: 10%
Ninja Affiliate Load Time: 0.028 seconds
Total Number of Plugins: 25


With W3 Total Cache Activated


Ninja Plugin with W3 Total Cache activated


Ninja Affiliate Plugin Impact: 8%
Ninja Affiliate Load Time: 0.026 seconds
Total Number of Plugins: 26

It’s evident that the plugin performance is good in the conditions mentioned before. With more posts and comments perhaps the outcome is different, or not. Also your expire cache-hour setting, might affect the final results.

Also, these tests depend heavily of the different types of plugins, theme and host you’re using. For these reasons, the results can vary from one blog to another.

Any plugin isn’t perfect, and it can be improved adding new features, fixing bugs or adapting it to the latest market trends.
That being said, here we go with the cons:


Cons: What I don’t like about it?

Headings: Ninja Affiliate plugin can’t exclude headings h2, h3, etc. of being linked by specific keywords already chosen.
If there is a match in those headings, the keywords will be linked according to the settings.
I know that this point can be improved. I’d like having in future updates some field in general settings, to avoid headings.

Updates: This is a request for all types of plugins – easier updates, are better. I prefer plugins that update directly via the dashboard.

This is not the case; you only need to do an extra step of deleting the old version and installing the new one.
All your settings and affiliate links aren’t touched in this process, since this data is stored in the database.

Is it a big deal? I don’t think so; in a few minutes the update is completed. Perhaps, only for persons who are not familiar with WP files, and then they won’t want to use FTP or the file manager in Cpanel.

Aside of those things, I can’t find other cons and all the rest are pros.


Ninja Affiliate Plugin Prices:

There are two versions of the plugins available according to your needs:

  • Single Site License: $37 (One-time payment)
    Use on a Single WordPress blog that you own
  • Unlimited License: $97 (One-time payment)
    Use on an Unlimited Number of WordPress blogs that you own

Both versions give you:

  1. Lifetime updates
  2. 60 days money back guarantee – without any question.

So important, both.

If you’ve only a single site, I recommend trying the Single Site License $37 and if in the future you increase the number of sites, you can upgrade to the Developer Unlimited License for just the difference of $60.

In any case, having a back guarantee of 60 days let you to try the product, and if for some reason it doesn’t satisfy you, you can trigger the money back option.

Yes, you can try MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate plugin, for $1 for 14 days. It’s an excellent opportunity to feel the power of this plugin.



Having tested this plugin for long time, I know that really it’s a time saver and increases the possibility of make money in a passive way. The plugin automatically will add links related to the keywords in autopilot, while you do other tasks.

In my option, if you promote affiliate products being a blogger or an affiliate marketer in a serious way Ninja Affiliate plugin is a must tool in your arsenal.






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Dawn Marrs says

I LOVE this plugin… bought the multi-site license and installed it in all of my sites. It’s a huge timesaver and paid for itself on the first day!

I agree it should be easy enough to exclude headings, which is my only real complaint. Looks kind of ridiculous to hyperlink a heading 😉

Great review 🙂


    Gera says

    Totally with you Dawn, headings should be excluded, but anyway is a big time saver.
    Many thanks for coming by!

Kathleen Baker says

This is the plugin i was looking for for a couple of months and i never remembered the name of it. now that i found it finally i’m going to buy it and boost my profits way up high. thank for sharing and finally found for me this plugin.

    Gera says

    Kathleen you’ll find it useful after install it and it’ll save time too.

Christopher James says

Wow. I’ve been searching over the internet for this plugin. I thought it was master affiliate plugin. lol

Wouter says

I used to like this plugin untill suppport is not responding anymore and I am stuck with my developer licence which they limited to 5 licences. After that you have to ask support which is NOT RESPONDING if they will lift that limit.

    Gera says

    Sorry to hear your troubles. I visited the forum-support and the landscape is not good, some issues aren’t replied, but others was answered a few days ago, so the situation is not clear at all with the company. I’ll update the articles as soon as I’ve some certainty if they are still in business, or not. Try to email them directly or use their social channels. In the meantime, good luck!

Wouter says

I tried all channels but no luck so be warned everybody. I even tried a sales question to ask if they still sale the software but now answer so support is finished!

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