Maxblogpress Stripe Ad Pro WordPress Plugin Review

The company who developed the plugin has closed.

As alternatives, you can use similar plugins like:

Maxblogpress Stripe Ad Pro is a WordPress Plugin that displays at the top of your blog, a single line of message containing an ad, information, notes, important news, affiliate links, special offers and use your imagination, since the possibilities are a lot.

Maxblogpress Stripe Ad Pro is a re-written plugin with new code from scratch; it’s not just a new version.

It’s replacing the old MBP Stripe Ad, but with new features galore in the Pro version.

I cannot compare to the Maxblogpress Stripe Ad old plugin because I didn’t try it before, so for me is a brand new plugin.

Sanjay of the Maxblogpress Team, offered me to try the plugin before the Official Launch (thank you) and here we are, doing a review after experimenting with it for several days.

The top of your blog, is one of the areas most seen. Hence, having a vital message to convey your readers with some kind of call-to-action (normally a link), is always a good idea 🙂

Without further ado, let’s jump to the benefits and characteristics.


Maxblogpress Stripe Ad Pro WordPress Plugin

The benefits are obvious:

  • Drive traffic to internal pages of your site or to external pages
  • Have more chances to increase sales, since more eyeballs will see this non-obtrusive message
  • Display announcements of any kind, events… you get the idea…

There is available the MBP Stripe Ad Free version, limited and reduced in its functions.

Which are the differences between the Free vs. the Pro version?


Pro has as a plus:

  • Link texts can be Buttons, no just pure text
  • Enable Cute Link – make your link more appealing and easy to remember
  • Where to show the Stripead – control exactly where the stripe will appear
  • Remove the Powered by Maxblogpress link at the right of the bar
  • Complete Analytics and much more…

I tried the MBP Stripe Ad Free before installing the Pro, and the difference for the winner Pro is very substantial.

I don’t know if I would use the free plugin, but you know free is generally very limited, and this is exactly the case.


Maxblogpress Stripe Ad Pro Options



Maxblogpress Stripe Ad Pro


  1. Type your message, ad, offer and so on
  2. Add the link text (click here, get it now, join, etc.) – using as a button is ideal (only for Pro version)
  3. Add your link ( I recommend to tick, open in a new window)
  4. Enable Cute Link: this is to mask a link, very useful if you’re not using any type of plugin (here I’m using Ninja plugin, so this point is already done for me)
  5. Weight: Assign a different weight according to the importance of your strip.

Perhaps, you want to promote some offer less than another, then give less weight (number) or in the contrary give a higher number to feature it.




Maxblogpress Stripe Ad Pro Formatting


Here, you can modify whatever you want:

  • Fonts
  • Sizes
  • Backgrounds
  • Colors

And so forth.

Play with them, but don’t leave the standard view of the bar that comes from default.

Changing the parameters allow you afterwards, to split-tests of different stripes, seeing which of them are getting more clicks 🙂

Right now, I’m testing 3 different “subscribe to my newsletter” messages there with diverse settings. See them in action at the top!


Where to Show StripeAd


Where to Show Stripead


This function is valid only in the Pro version.

In general is “All”, but if you’ve a particular category that suits better the ad, you can show to targeted readers and then, avoid showing it to the rest. In that vein, the performance will be much better.

In my case, I found a little bug here, where it says “more” – not all the categories are shown – something to fix in future updates Maxblogpress Team 😉


Schedule StripeAd


Maxblogpress Stripe Ad Pro -Schedule


Choose the ad occurrence; all the time could be fine in the majority of the cases. If you’ve a site where visitors come often, show for (3 or a different number) visits is a good option to not be repeating over and over the same ad to the same visitor.


StripeAd Analytics


Monitor your stats. The screenshot shows that the StripeAd Analytics are pretty complete:

Analytics - Maxblogpress Stripe Ad Pro


The More Options are clear:


mpb stripead pro options


  1. Stick on the top
  2. Show close button (closeable), may be an interesting option or to minimize it, the Show stub button
  3. Remove – Powered by Maxblogpress link, is only for Pro version. I prefer to have a single call-to-action in the StripeAd, so I removed it. I put the affiliate link in other places.

I didn’t find any cons so far with the plugin.

Simply, I’d like to make a wish-list:

– More background textures in the formatting option
– Possibility to visualize and compare different ads in Analytics to choose a winner
– Possibility of having the IP’s in Analytics
– Possibility to exclude certain IP’s from the statistics

Consider Maxblogpress Stripe Ad Pro useful? Fill the Pro your needs? Hope to hear from you in comments.

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Sanjay Chhetri says

Thanks Gera for including the nitty-gritty of the new plugin in your review. I really appreciate your honest review. I request you to get yourself a new copy of the plugin – We’ve already fixed the aforesaid bug 🙂
Thank you Gera !

    Gera says

    My pleasure Sanjay! I’ll get a new copy of the plugin as soon I can, to try the new version. Great if this little bug was already fixed.
    Thanks for coming by and for the opportunity 🙂

Shaun Hoobler says

Hi there Gera. Just thought I’d leave you a comment on this post (seemed as good as any) to say that I’ve read a few of your posts and I’m enjoying the blog! Expect to see a few more comments from me! 😉

    Gera says

    Thanks so much Shaun! Happy you liked it so far. I saw you’ve a blog with automatic data, which plugin are you using?

Shaun Hoobler says

I forgot the name of the plugin. lol Let me get back to you on that.

Mike Huiwitz says

I just installed this plugin on my blog. Love it!

    Gera says

    Really? I don’t see it on, in your URL. Which is your another blog?

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