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Ninja Affiliate Plugin Review

Update: The company behind this plugin has closed. A good alternative plugin is ThirstyAffiliates which has a free version with premium add-ons. Converting keywords into outgoing links in older posts, even in new posts, can be a nightmare if you need to do it by hand all the time. It happened to me, and I […]

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Stealth Login Page WordPress Plugin – Add a Security Layer to your WP Site

Stealth Login Page is a simple and effective WordPress plugin developed by Jesse Petersen to make things harder, to those bots that try to login to your WordPress site. In simple words, this plugin moves your login page, your “front door”, to a hidden & configurable secret door. I would like to transfer the idea […]

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WordPress Firewall 2 Plugin Review: A Must-Have for your WP Blog

Update: the plugin hasn’t been updated in several years, so I recommend using more advanced & updated plugins.Some complete plugins can be: All In One WP Security & Firewall BulletProof SecurityShield WordPress Security It’s inevitable, hackers are everywhere and your blog will be attacked sooner or later. Automatic bots are searching all the time WordPress […]

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Limit Login Attempts Review: Stop Brute Force Attacks to your Blog

Update: this plugin hasn’t been updated in several years, therefore I recommend using more advanced & updated free plugins like: Wordfence Security Login LockDown Shield WordPress Security     Why do you need the Limit Login Attempts plugin? WordPress is a secure platform, but the case that follows, is my pet peeve though. I don’t […]

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