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25+ Best Twitter WordPress Plugins and Widgets 2017 Update

This is the 2017 edition of the Twitter WordPress plugins and widgets post.

After revising completely the original post and removing the plugins which disappeared, plugins that weren’t updated in a long time plus, plugins that had bad reviews, the article that contained more than 30 plugins ended in less than 10...

Sooo I rebuilt the post almost from scratch 🙂

I added a quick navigation index to help you to find what you want too.

WP Twitter plugins & widgets should be your fundamental social media tools in your marketing efforts, to promote your blog or WordPress website.

We are in an era where to be social and to do it wisely, is the best to succeed.

Twitter is one of the top social media channels and if you use WordPress, both can be integrated perfectly to maximize your efforts and achieve your goals.

Want to auto-tweet your latest posts from your WordPress blog?
Want to tweet old posts to give them life again?
Want to tweet, re-tweet and reply directly from WP dashboard?
Want to show tweets filtering by hashtags or users on your sidebar?

You’ve Twitter plugins and widgets for all those cases, and many more!

I’ve been researching and compiling the best plugins available, and it took me a long time because I needed to add the plugin excerpts, more also the screenshots to each case.

Here are the criteria I followed:

  • I don’t mention deeply global social sharing plugins like SumoMeMonarch, Shareaholic, Addthis, and so on, since they involve other social platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. I want to focus this article, specifically, on Twitter.
  • But, you should not put all your “social” eggs in one basket, and you should be active in other channels, apart from Twitter.
  • These collection of top Twitter WP widgets & plugins were updated “recently” by their developers.
    In other words, if a plugin was updated 1 year ago is unsafe and probably you can find some incompatibility with new versions of WordPress and other plugins, hence those outdated plugins aren’t present here.
  • This roundup has free and premium plugins together, and I recommend reading, carefully, the technical details and requirements on the developers’ pages of each plugin.
  • Last but no least, these plugins are assorted, from simple to sophisticated ones that do wonders – so I expect you can find a Twitter plugin or widget that will suit your necessities within the list – enjoy!

Best Twitter WordPress Plugins and Widgets

Revive Old Post (Former Tweet Old Post)

Revive Old Post (Former Tweet Old Post)

Revive Old Post plugin allows you to share selected posts to Twitter and Facebook gaining more traffic from these top social networks.

This plugin comes from the original Tweet Old Post which was revamped to Revive Old Post, with two flavors: Free and Pro versions.

Free Features
  • Automatic share new and old posts
  • Choose the time between posts
  • Select the number of posts to share
  • Choose the minimum interval between shares
  • Select Min. and Max. age of the posts
  • Exclude categories and specific posts
  • Of course, it includes links back to your blog
  • And more…

Pro Additional Features

  • Share to Multiple Social Accounts
  • Custom Schedule
  • Custom Post Types support
  • Linkedin support
  • Post with images
  • Post to Xing & Tumblr

Bear in mind to not have too many automatic shares, or to have enough delay between them, if not your social followers will not be happy with you 😉

I’m using this plugin right now, you can see it action on my Twitter account with the free version.

Video Revive Old Post

Twitter plugin developed by Codeinwp, selu, Marius, Hardeep Asrani, Madalin_Themeisle, rsocial.

Rotating Tweets (Twitter widget and shortcode)

Rotating Tweets Plugin

Rotating Tweets enables you to show your recent tweets one at a time, with an animated rotation.

  • It’s space efficient because shows one by one, and then smoothly replaces it with the next twit.
  • Completely customizable, such as: how many tweets to show, include or not retweets and replies, speed of rotation, type of animation to use, and so on.
  • Responsive – resizes as your page resizes.
  • Caching the most recent data from Twitter to avoid troubles with rate limits.
  • Multi-lingual and more…

This plugin is developed by Martin Tod.

Twitter Feed

Twitter Feed

Twitter Feed allows you to display tweets using shortcodes and widgets.

Store tweets locally via the caching engine, improving performance and decreasing the load time.

It comes with responsive tweet skins.


  • Shortcodes + shortcode editor and widget
  • Uses Twitter API 1.1
  • Flexible Caching system
  • Tweet customization
  • Tweet actions (Like, Reply, RT)
  • Tweet media (photos, YouTube, Vine, GIFs)
  • Usage status tracking tool to be according Twitter’s rate limits
  • Utterly responsive

This plugin is developed by Askupa Software and Yoav Kadosh

WordPress Dashboard Twitter

WordPress Dashboard Twitter Plugin

This Twitter plugin is a Dashboard Widget that displays Twitter @replies, update your status, sent direct messages, Retweets, Friends Timeline more favorites in a handy way and in a tabbed interface, inside your WP dashboard.

This Twitter tool turns your dashboard into a Twitter client, all in a single widget.


  • Twitter OAuth authentication
  • No need of a dedicated page in your WordPress admin panel
  • No impact on your blog’s front-end or other backend-pages
  • Shortener URL
  • And more…

Plugin by wpseek and ratterobert

WP to Twitter

WP to Twitter

WP to Twitter plugin will auto-posts a Twitter update when you update your WordPress blog, with your chosen URL shortening service.


  • Display your recent tweets via widget
  • Display Twitter searches and you can limit it by Geolocation
  • Use post tags as Twitter #hashtags
  • Selection from URL shorteners like,, jotURL, or use the Twitter
  • There’s support for Google Analytics
  • Customizable tweet templates for tweets available
  • And more…

Video WP to Twitter - Setting up

Plugin by Joe Dolson


Twitget Plugin

Twitget is a simple Twitter widget that displays your latest tweets.
It supports caching, so it won’t exceed the API call limit.


  • Show your Twitter feed as a widget
  • Customize number of shown tweets, choose to show RTs or replies
  • HTML Customization of the entire output
  • Twitter API 1.1 support
  • More than 30 languages (date output)
  • Twitter times with settings in your timezone

Plugin developed by Boštjan Cigan


Twitter Plugin for WordPress

Official Twitter, Vine, and Periscope plugin for WordPress. Embed content and increase your audience.


  • Embed Twitter content – single Tweets, multiple Tweets…
  • Embed a Vine
  • Add a Tweet button to public posts
  • Enable link previews and Twitter bylines with Twitter Cards
  • Add a Twitter follow button
  • Show a Periscope On Air button
  • Associate WordPress accounts with Twitter and Periscope identities

Plugin Authors: Twitter and Niall Kennedy

Widget Embed Latest Tweets

Widget Embed Latest Tweets

This WordPress plugin shows your newest tweets via widget, using the oEmbed methode and cache.

Widget embed latest Tweets uses the Twitter API version 1.1 and you need to authentify yourself.


  • Numbers of Tweets to display
  • Maximum width and alignment (left, right, center, none)
  • Choose your language
  • Hide the original message in the case that the embedded Tweet is a reply
  • Hide images in the Tweet
  • And more…

Plugin by ArnaudBan

AccessPress Twitter Feed

AccessPress Twitter Feed Plugin

AccessPress Twitter Feed is a WordPress plugin to display recent Twitter feeds wherever you want, on your site / blog via shortcode or widgets.

Display tweets as a feed or in slider mode (literally you’ll have a twitter slider)

This plugin has a lite-Free version and also, a Pro version with more options.

Free Features

  • Fetch latest tweets from any Twitter account
  • Customizable quantity of real-time tweets to display
  • Caching option to lower API calls
  • 3 design templates available
  • Configurable date & time tweet formats
  • Easy to set up in minutes.
  • And more…

Pro Features

  • Multiple Twitter accounts support
  • 12 themes to choose from
  • Tweets Media (Images) embeds support
  • Twitter timeline layout included
  • Slider mode / Ticker mode available, with more configurable options
  • Advanced caching option to prevent frequent Twitter API calls
  • Support via email, forum and online chat
  • And more…

Plugin by Access Keys

Twitter Tweets

Twitter Tweets Plugin

Twitter Tweets plugin allows showing the latest tweets by using a widget on your sidebar, plus adding a Twitter follow button also.

The resulting Twitter widget is fully customizable in height, custom link URL colors, expanding tweet images, etc.

Here’s a summary, of the widget customization settings possible:

  • Height
  • Title
  • Theme’s option
  • Tweets URL link colors
  • Auto-expand photos in tweets
  • Set On / Off replies on tweets
  • Add a follow button
  • And more…

Plugin by weblizar

27+ Best Twitter #WordPress Plugins & Widgets 2016 Edition

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Good Old Twitter Feed Widget

Good Old Twitter Feed Widget

Display your latest tweets in a sidebar widget from a Twitter account.

Totally customizable in styles, replies, retweets, links, dates, thumbnails and more.

The plugin uses the Twitter API version 1.1 (like all the rest of the Twitter plugins)

Plugin developed by whiletrue

Custom Twitter Feeds

Custom Twitter Feeds Plugin

Custom Twitter Feeds allows you to show totally customizable Twitter feeds of your home & user timeline, or #hashtags on your website/blog.

Display Twitter feeds that are responsive and also search engine friendly.


  • Match the look & feel of your site with several customization options
  • Mobile optimized & responsive, works on any screen size
  • Display tweets from any user, account or a particular hashtag
  • Show multiple feeds from diverse Twitter users on various pages or widgets
  • Feed loads fast, minimizing Twitter API requests via post caching
  • ‘Load More’ button to load more Tweets in an infinite way
  • It comes with a “Custom Twitter Feeds” Widget
  • Totally internationalized and translatable into any language
  • And more…

Plugin by smashballoon

WP Twitter Feeds

WP Twitter Feeds

WP Twitter Feeds is a simple widget which lets you to display your latest tweets easily.

On the option page you can define the duration of the fade effect, number of tweets to see, etc.

WP Twitter Feeds uses the latest Twitter 1.1 API.


  • Display tweets with a widget
  • Different color options, tweets themes, show a profile image and more
  • Use the Twitter widget in multiple places
  • Slider for tweets
  • And more…

Plugin by Team Vivacity and Planet Interactive

Another Twitter Plugin

Another Twitter Plugin

Another Twitter Plugin allows you to setup multiple #hashtags or usernames, collect new tweets on a specific period of time, with options to define styles & formats.

This is a fully customizable Twitter plugin.


  • Choose how often to collect automatically new data & enable/disable this option
  • Reset of old tweets
  • Up to 5 usernames or hashtags to collect tweets from
  • Select how many tweets to save/display on your website/blog
  • And more…

Twitter plugin by Marko Kunic

Twitter Auto Publish

Twitter Auto Publish

Twitter Auto Publish allows you automatically to publish your posts from your blog to Twitter.

The same can be as a simple text message or with an image.

You can filter posts by custom post-types as well as per categories.

The message format settings are diverse like: post title, description, excerpt, permalink, blog title, etc.

This social auto-publish plugin is developed & maintained by XYZScripts

Twitter posts to Blog

Twitter posts to Blog

Instead of doing autoposts from your blog to Twitter, this plugin does the opposite.

You can stream tweets to your blog with different options.Under plugin settings menu "Twitter to WP", you can configure:

Cron time: select the time before loading new items

Publish status: choose between to publish the post or to be as a draft

Attach any tag you want to each tweet

Choose categories you want to add to each tweet-post

Check if you wish to insert images into the body of the posts

And more...

Plugin by badbreze, sforsberg and SudoCat

WP Social Media Slider Lite

WP Social Media Slider Lite

WP Social Media Slider Lite is an easy & stylish plugin that displays your tweets in a slider.


  • Utterly responsive
  • Lazy loading to speed up page-loads
  • Works in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and IE 8-11 browsers
  • Fully customizable via filters, css, custom JavaScript initialization (available in the documentation)

Plugin by developed by Laterna Studio

Twitter Button by BestWebSof

Twitter Button

You can add: Twitter follow, tweet, #hashtag & mention buttons to WordPress posts, pages and widgets on your site.

You can exclude certain post-types or pages from adding the Twitter button.

Select the button position before, after, before and after, and in a specific zone via shortcode.

Video Twitter Button - Brief Overview

Plugin by bestwebsoft

Twitter Widget with Styling

Twitter Widget with Styling

An easy Twitter Widget to configure and to style.

It uses the Embedded Timeline Widget of Twitter.

You can load an extra stylesheet, where you can style the widget layout.

Plugin by Marcel Pol

JM Twitter Cards

JM Twitter Cards

Integrate easily Twitter cards in WordPress with all card types provided.

After the plugin is activated, adds appropriated meta on your WordPress website/blog, allowing you to get Twitter cards for your posts based on your settings.


  • Meta box: customize the Twitter Cards per each post
  • Preview the rendering on Twitter
  • Compatible with Yoast SEO and All in One SEO plugins in terms of no-conflict with SEO titles and descriptions set with the same.

Plugin by tweetpressfr

Better Click To Tweet

Better Click To Tweet

Better Click To Tweet plugin allows you to insert click to tweet boxes into your posts easily.

Using a shortcode, your selected text is highlighted and does it tweetable.

This plugin is totally customizable via CSS.You can remove the "via" and also remove the URL selectively, from the resulting tweet.

Possibility to make links no-follow.

Why Better? Because this plugin is an improved version of the original “Click To Tweet" plugin by Todaymade.

Plugin by Ben Meredith

Tweet Wheel

Tweet Wheel Plugin

Tweet Wheel will tweet your WordPress posts, pages, etc automatically without your supervision.


  • Automated queueing system, this is the core of the plugin that handles all the automation
  • Multi-templating for posts to control the amount of tweet variations for each post
  • Advanced scheduling: specify days & times at which you want your post to be tweeted
  • Compatible with custom post-types and also with WooCommerce-shop products
  • Pause and resume queue for granular control, without needing of deactivate the plugin to put it on hold
  • And more…

Plugin by NerdCow

Latest Tweets widget

Latest Tweets widget

Latest Tweets widget plugin is compatible with Twitter API 1.1 & provides full OAuth authentication via the WordPress admin area.

Connect your Twitter account to this plugin and the widget will show your recent tweets on your site.

Built by @timwhitlock

Twitter Manager WP Plugin

Twitter Manager WP Plugin

Twitter Manager WP Plugin, will automate your twitter followers, searching for keywords, hashtags & Twitter ID’s.

By entering those variables you can target specific followers all day after the configuration of the plugin.


  • You can follow Twitter users automatically
  • You can also to unfollow people who do not follow you, automatically
  • Find Twitter users by keyword, #hashtag or specific users

Caveat: use the plugin smartly and don’t abuse of it, because you don’t want your Twitter account banned, right?

Plugin by GeshuCom

WordPress Social Stream

WordPress Social Stream

WordPress Social Stream combines all of your social network feeds into one single network stream or creates a single feed for multiple social network profiles.

Combine unlimited social feeds & generate unlimited number of social streams with 3 wall layout styles to choose from.

You’ve literally 15 social networks & 60 feed options: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, RSS Feeds and so on.


  • Different wall layout styles: classic, modern light & modern dark
  • Display using rotating feed list or a totally responsive, filterable social network wall
  • Display wall randomly if you want
  • Rotating list with infinite loop, set direction & speed, both automatically & manual
  • Option to disable Twitter RTs & replies
  • Option to display profile avatar in the Twitter feed
  • Retweets, replies & favorite links for Twitter posts
  • And more…

Plugin by designchemical

WordPress Ultimate Timeline

WordPress Ultimate Timeline

WordPress Ultimate Timeline allows you to create visually attractive timelines for your WordPress site.

These timelines can include feeds from:

  • WordPress Blog Posts (selecting categories, tags, authors, or exclude posts)
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Dribbble
  • Status updates (done via the plugin)

The plugin has several options for styling, custom icons and more.

Plugin by SamBerson

Twitter Infographic Visual Guide with Data

Here you’ve a visual guide to help you with your Twitter campaign.

Twitter Infographic

Want to recommend some Twitter WordPress plugins and widgets that aren’t on this list?
Have you tried some Twitter plugin for WordPress that worked, or not?
Leave a comment and let me hear your ideas.

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