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Author hReview Plugin Review in 2017 + WPRichSnippets

I’m doing a March 1, 2017 update of the AuthorhReview review, to show the actual plugin-status. The same works fine and is maintained by the developer.

However, Hesham is recommending installing WPRichSnippets directly, an advanced plugin with more features and add-ons.

This is a completely new plugin independent of AuthorhReview.

Here’s a shot you get with the advice on AuthorhReview.com

Advanced WPRichSnippets

For that reason, I suggest to visit WPRichSnippets and the links in this article go there.

To complement the original review, you’ve a quick summary of WP Rich Snippets plugin at the end of this post.

Here’s my Author hReview plugin guide.

And why is it important to you?

You'll see the why ... in this article.

It always caught my attention, those little yellow stars that appear in the Google results standing out one result from another.

Those stars are the famous Google review rich snippets, which can bring higher click-through rates. And, how can you add them to the searches making more relevant results to the user?

Author hReview plugin is the solution. I’ve been using it practically from its genesis, the lite version, developed by Hesham Zebdia of FamousBloggers.

Originally, the plugin was for Thesis Theme, but finally Hesham rolled out for any WP theme.

Publishing honest reviews and try to rank them on the first Google results is ideal, and with this plugin the technical job to add the stars is very easy.

Caveat: Plugins can be installed only WordPress.org self hosted. WordPress.com doesn’t allow installing plugins.

This installation is like any other plugin in your WordPress site. Upload the zip file, activate and enter the API key for the total activation of the plugin.

Author hReview Plugin

You’ve 4 tabs to expand the complete information and the ratings.

I’ve made this SlideShare presentation to make a graphical description of the Author hReview plugin:

Today there are two versions, the lite-free version with limited functions and the Pro version.

If you want to test the waters you can try the simpler version of the plugin, you can find it here.

Really, if your intention is to catch up the attention of the user and to have a full package ready to show your review, you’d consider the Author hReview Pro.

Here are some of the Author hReview Plugin Pro advantages:

  • Half ratings: sometimes product reviews need these half stars
  • Change the button text: now, you can use your imagination for this button “more info”, “get it here” and so forth
  • Reviews on post AND pages: free-lite is only for posts
  • Add images to the rating box
  • Different rating box templates
  • One page at WP dashboard with all your reviews, very handy
  • Complete control of the elements of the review box
  • Add shortcode to display rating boxes anywhere in the posts/pages
  • Sort reviews in widgets by rating value (example: Top Rated)
  • Possibility of removing rel=”nofollow” link
  • Add shortcode to display related reviews

Of course, there is full documentation of its working at the Author hReview site.

I can’t mention any drawback with the plugin because, truly, I don’t find it.

Related to support, my experience was that I had a little problem one day when I installed, with an unknown message appearing on my blog after activated the plugin. After contacting to Hesham, he resolved quickly the same; this is priceless.

I wish all the supports to be like the aforementioned; as you know every developer has a certain time-frame to respond, and in certain cases the responses never come.

If it’s a free plugin you know that perhaps, you’ll not have any answer in a forum-support (I don’t blame for that) but with premium plugins, the situation must be different and you must receive an answer plus, if it is possible, a fix to your problem.



  • No access to support
  • Limited features
  • Only 1 plugin


Single Site

  • One Payment
  • 1 Year of Support & Updates
  • Access to (All) plugins
  • Use only on 1 site


Multi Site

  • One Payment
  • 1 Year of Support & Updates
  • Access to (All) plugins
  • Use on all sites you own



  • One Payment
  • 1 Year of Support & Updates
  • Access to (All) plugins & add-ons
  • Use on all sites you own



  • Add semantic & structural markup
  • Show rich snippets in search results
  • Detailed Pros - Cons
  • Editor & User Reviews – by rating, percentage and votes
  • Extension Add-ons - giving more functionality to the plugin
WP Rich Snippets Settings


Add-on Descriptions

Shortcodes (Free)

Display any box template element anyplace with an easy shortcode.


Display tables of entries based on DataTables jQuery using a shortcode.

Software Specs

Display software specs details using a widget and also a shortcode to display code-changelog data.


Add markups for locations and also display the location on Google maps.

Box Shortcode

Display the Rich Snippets Box anywhere in your posts / pages.
The add-on works well with Divi theme & Toolset Types plugin.

Anonymous User Reviews

Permit anonymous user aggregate reviews on your site by making Name & Email optional.


Quickly change colors of ratings and link buttons using the WordPress Theme Customizer.

Front-End Entry Submit

Display front-end submission forms, allowing to registered users to submit new products, organizations or restaurants to your site.
The new entry status will be pending for your review.

User Reviews Image

Users can upload an image attached to their reviews.


Easily display a call to action after each review-page on your WP website.

Ranking Table

Display sort-able tables with ranked reviews too on any page.

Display Rating

Display star rating by filtering content & excerpts, or use a shortcode inside the loop.


While you rate a product, have also a comparison table with other similar products.


WooCommerce integration to your e-commerce site, more advanced reviews & ratings features (released on Oct 5th, 2016).

Add-ons have different Prices for: Single Site, 2-5 Sites and Unlimited.

WooCommerce reviews integration add-on

The WooCommerce reviews integration add-on is ready.
Hesham released the add-on on October 5th, 2016.

WP Rich Snippets Prices


  • 1 Site license
  • 1 Year of Support & Updates

$69 / year


  • 3 Site licenses
  • 1 Year of Support & Updates

$99 / year


  • Unlimited site licenses
  • 1 Year of Support & Updates
  • 14 Premium add-ons included

$199 / year


  • Unlimited site licenses
  • Unlimited Support & Updates
  • 14 Premium add-ons included

$399 one-time payment

Refund - You've 30 days money-back guarantee.

Are you using Google review rich snippets?
Have you installed the Author hReview plugin lite-free or Pro version on your blog?

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Shaun Hoobler says

Let’s see if this plugin is a good addition to my WP blog.

Tiyo Kamtiyono says

Nice review Gera, mine is not as complete as this one 🙂 Previously I use one of SEO Ultimate module to make a review snippet.

    Gera says

    Thanks Tiyo! Agree with you, with this plugin is much easier. Thanks for coming by!

Collins Agbonghama says

My personal blog has been running on SEO Ultimate for years. One of its feature is the Schema / rich snippet for marking a post as review.

I’ll look at this plugin and see if it offers any advance feature I might find important.

    Gera says

    Thanks for your input Collins.

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